Dear women, do you remember your first period? What you felt, what you saw, how you managed?

My memory is crystal clear: I was in the bathroom, taking care of business as usual, when suddenly I spotted blood on my tissue. Me, a 12-year-old with zero concept of periods and womanhood. Me, an overdramatic teenager whose short life quickly flashed before her eyes. I'll admit my first instinct was, "I haven't even had my first kiss!" Embarrassing, I know.

My mom came rushing in with a worried look on her face that too quickly changed to a sigh of relief, then to a wide grin. I was confused. "I'm bleeding!" I yelled. She continued to smile while she rummaged through the bathroom cabinet and pulled out what I later learned was a pad. I was given a crash course on menstruation, how to apply pads, how to clean up after myself. And the rest is history.

As parents, daughters and women ourselves, we know all about that First Period Feeling (you heard it here first). The foundation years are crucial for understanding your body, reading your cycles and testing the right menstrual products for just the right protection and health. Yet most companies only cater to older, experienced women. We're here to change that. 

Today, we're excited to introduce the two newest members of the Rael family...

Petite Pads & First Period Kit 💝

Made specifically for menstrual first-timers and women who need in-between coverage, we designed our latest products with three things in mind:

1. Functionality 🛡

The Petite Pad is perfect for teens and women who need more protection than thin panty liners but less protection than a bulkier regular pad. It's the perfect size and fit for girls experiencing periods for the first time!

2. Ingredients 👩‍🔬

We made the Petite Pad with the same level of quality and care you can find in all other Rael products. This means high-grade, sustainably-sourced ingredients like 100% certified organic Texas-grown cotton.

3. Culture 👯‍♀️

As women, we must celebrate menstruation! Getting your period for the first time is exciting and life-changing—literally. Period talk is still taboo in our culture. We hope to break that barrier and empower young girls to embrace healthy menstruation with open arms.

Join the Rael movement in encouraging our youth to unashamedly talk all-things-period and mindfully use healthy products that enrich menstrual cycles—and beyond.

Our Petite Pads and First Period Kits are available to shop now on